Manufacture of giant inflatable screens with permanent blower for inflation

The following table gives the weight and assembly time for the various sizes of screen:

Dimensions Display area Total weight Assembly time No. of people
33 x 23 feet 29.5 x 19.7 feet 110.5 lbs 30 mins 1
42.6 x 26.21 feet 39.4 x 21.3 feet 176.8 lbs 30 mins 2
49.2 x 33 feet 45.9 x 26.2 feet 243.1 lbs 45 mins 2
59 x 39.3 feet 52.5 x 33 feet 397.8 lbs 1hr 2
78.7 x 49.2 feet 72.2 x 39.4 feet 618.8 lbs 1hr 30 mins 4

ConceptionFor more than 15 years, we have been designing, manufacturing and distributing giant inflatable screens. These screens are manufactured in our workshops for greater flexibility, allowing us to carry out every customization imaginable.

Being users of these screens ourselves, we attach great importance to always guaranteeing the best quality in terms of handling, transport and installation of our screens.

ManufactureUp to 50 feet wide, our screens can be transported and assembled by a single person. Our technological expertise enables us to manufacture screens of all sizes, even the biggest. Our largest format currently is 100 feet wide with a height of 55.7 feet.

test of inflationAlways with the same focus on simplicity, we have added certain functionalities to make the assembly and disassembly of our screens easier (two plugs, one on the left and one on the right so they can adapt to the setting, an effective visual notice to identify the front and back of the screen, even in its bag, a ground sheet incorporated into the transport bag to protect the projection display area during assembly and disassembly, etc.).